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Support associated with the GALILEO "signal in space" system

Vitrociset Belgium set up operations in the business centre in January 2009 and is there to provide development support and assistance to young companies at the site.

As a specialist in the "Signal in Space", the signal specific to the GALILEO programme, Vitrociset offers specialised support for any request concerning the design, development, testing and/or validation of applications that require "Signal in Space" equipment or knowledge.

Baby-sitting and hosting

In the same spirit, SES ASTRA TechCom is ready to host the technical personnel of a company if, during the first year of its life, it is not in a position to rent premises in the business centre.

Services for students

In order to boost the chances of the creation of new start-ups, SES ASTRA TechCom hosts students specialising in space applications, either during their education or when it ends.


Vitrociset Belgium installée à GalaxiaGalileoStation de l'ESA à Redu

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